OpenBTS 4.0 released!

Get ready to roll your own cell network! OpenBTS is now massively more robust and feature-filled, offers significant improvements in processing capacity and system management features. OpenBTS 4.0 furthers the migration of RAN infrastructure to low cost, standard computer hardware using open source software, such as the network currently being implemented by GlobalTel for the island town of St. Pierre, off the coast of Newfoundland, with greatly reduced capital and operating expenditure.

We’ve moved the code to GitHub. Join in the fun!

OpenBTS Development Kit

OpenBTS DevKit

This Kit is an affordable learning, teaching and tinkering tool for those who want to experiment with the public ("P") release of OpenBTS in a desktop setting. It can be set up in less than 5 minutes, allowing you to make calls and send SMS immediately.

Learn more about the OpenBTS Development Kit and purchase it online >

OpenBTS IRC channel

The OpenBTS user group is active on channel #openbts at the Freenode IRC network (