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Several software-defined radio units have been integrated with OpenBTS including the USRP family of devices from Ettus Research and products from Fairwaves and Nuand.

Ettus Research USRP

The USRP is the most popular SDR device used with OpenBTS. A variety of models are available with different transport and bandwidth options as well as embedded ARM versions.

The following table describes supported USRP model combinations for GSM, UMTS, and recommended RF daughterboards. All USRP devices support GSM operation. UMTS use requires devices that support 1 Gigabit Ethernet or USB 3.0.

Ettus Research Supported Devices
GSM UMTS Transport RF Frequency Stability Notes
B200 Yes Yes USB 3.0 Integrated TCXO 2.0 ppm GPSDO <1 ppb External 10 MHz reference or GPSDO recommended
E310 No Embedded
X300 Yes 1 or 10 Gigabit Ethernet SBX, WBX, CBX TCXO 2.5 ppm
N200 1 Gigabit Ethernet
B100 No USB 2.0
E100 No Embedded
E110 No
USRP2 Yes 1 Gigabit Ethernet VCXO 20 ppm NA External 10 MHz required
USRP1 No USB 2.0 RFX, WBX* XO 25 ppm NA External 52 MHz required, *WBX Rev. 1.0 only

Fairwaves UmTRX

The UmTRX by Fairwaves is a dual-channel SDR platform designed specifically for GSM use.


The BladeRF by Nuand supports GSM operation using external OpenBTS transceiver software.